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Experience Round Rock's leading TMS Therapy clinic: Expert, compassionate care tailored for you. We proudly accept most insurances & offer up to a 50% discount for self-pay patients. Elevate your mental well-being with us.

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Non-Invasive Treatment

TMS is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for persistent depression and other neurological conditions that do not respond to medication and other therapies. TMS is also a completely drug-free method of treating your symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Specialized Expertise

Our physicians are extensively trained in TMS therapy, continuously updating their knowledge with the newest methods and technologies. Rely on us for unparalleled quality in care.

Compassionate Approach

At our clinic, we emphasize a patient-focused approach. Recognizing mental health complexities, our dedicated team ensures a compassionate and nurturing environment for all.

Conveniently Located

Situated in the heart of Round Rock, our clinic provides easy access for residents in need of TMS treatment. Say goodbye to lengthy commutes and enjoy the perks of care close to home.

How does TMS Work?

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Frequently asked
questions about our treatment

TMS offers a distinct approach compared to medications and conversational therapy. Drugs might not be as tailored to individual needs, sometimes failing due to genetic factors and potentially leading to noticeable side effects.

Depression symptoms can also hinder the benefits and comfort of talk therapy.

TMS, on the other hand, directly addresses the brain region thought to control mood, targeting depression at its neural origin.

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